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"Enough saying ‘soon’ 🙃 this is for YOU and it starts NOWWWW," Sivan wrote on Friday

The show will hire 12 musicians, after union pushback over the musical's plans to use pre-recorded tracks

"This is me to a tee," Smilez says as he breaks down five songs from Ur In My World

"Going around the world putting on for my hood!" he wrote on Instagram as he announced the shows

Looking for the week's best new music? Check out our Songs You Need to Know playlist

The track will appear on her upcoming album, Chemistry

"Taking possession of the cell phone and the car aided Mr. Justin Johnson in his continued evasion of the authorities and the continued cover-up of the conspiracy," the prosecutor said

A second woman has come forward claiming the country star assaulted her and filmed their encounter in Las Vegas last year

The 2003 follow-up to sister albums Kid A and Amnesiac was underrated on arrival, but these days the anxious digi-rock masterpiece makes more sense than ever

Their party, unfortunately, is completely separate from the slate of artists featured on the official soundtrack to Greta Gerwig's Barbie

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